AMA Chartered Club #563
Project by Randy Bittinger
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New Yak-54 is a QuiQue Somenzini 102" wing span ARF kit, 95" long fuselage. The
engine is a Desert Aircraft DA-100 with a MTW Canister exhaust system, turning a
28"-10 Mejzlik carbon fiber prop. The Radio system is a Futaba PCM 9C with 2 -
2300 mA lithium-ion redundant Duralite battery packs.
Hitec HS-5995TG digital servos, which are titanium geared monsters that produce a standing torque of 433 oz-in and a stall torque of 333 oz-in. There are 2 on each aileron, 2 on the rudder
and 1 on each elevator half. Weight is around 25 lb - don't have an official weight yet.
Jake wants to go flying now!! haha
randyyakcomplete-002 randyyakcomplete-019 randyyakcomplete-009 randyyakcomplete-021 randyyak-008
The picture above shows the relationship of the size of the Yak compared to the 1/3
scale Ultimate I have been flying.