AMA Chartered Club #563
Projects by Jamie Bowen
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Photos of Jamie's scratch built Sukohi profile
during construction.
These photos show what can be
done with the router
jamiephoto-09 jamiephoto-10 jamiephoto-16 jamiephoto-11 jamiephoto-12
The photos below show the variety of planes in Jamie's hangar
This Katana is powered
by an OS 90, 4 stroke
jamiephoto-13 jamiephoto-08 jamiephoto-17 jamiephoto-07 jamiephoto-15
Jamie's Citabria
This Biplane is powered
by an OS 70, 4 stroke

Jamie has constructed a computer controlled foam cutting machine.

He draws the profile he needs using a computer aided drafting program
called CadWorks. He then imports the cad file into FoamWorks which is
the program that controls his foam cutting machine.

You can visit the
FoamWork web site to see details and tutorials of how this process works.
101_1185 101_1186 101_0926 101_0922 blue
101_1182 101_1181 101_1183 101_1184 blue
101_0877 101_0878 101_0879 101_0887 101_1172
101_0888 101_0889 101_1166 101_1058 101_1171
101_1164 101_0920 101_1173 101_1174
Jamie also makes his own magnetic actuators for his micro sized planes.

You can visit the
RCGroups forum to see more details of how to make your own
coils for these micro actuators.
101_1177 101_1178 101_1180 101_1179

Here's a photo of Jamie's
home-built CNC router in action
cutting the parts for the Sukohi
profile. This CNC router can cut a
full sheet of plywood. Table Is 6' w
x 10' l x 13" d.
jamiephoto-18-a jamiephoto-19-a jamiephoto-20-a
jamiephoto-06 jamiephoto-01 jamiephoto-05 jamiephoto-03 jamiephoto-04
Hangar 9 P51 with
Magnum 120 4 stroke
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