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Projects by Gary Baker
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Dewey submitted this photo of Gary's latest  addition to his fleet - a Piper Cherokee PA-140  Dewey says it flies great but will probably  need a little tweaking.
The Sbach has a 107" wing span.
The weight is 28 lbs 13 oz
The engine is DLE 111 twin (11.2HP)
Canister mufflers
Jim says it flies the best he's ever flown. It is very graceful.

2010-07-sbach-1 2010-07-sbach-3 2010-07-sbach-2
2010-07-sbach-4 2010-07-sbach-5 2010-07-sbach-6
Gary and Jim also collaborated to assemble a Cessna 195
Accessories include navigation lights and strobe beacon.
The Cessna has a 90" wing span.
The length from rudder to spinner is
71-1/2"  The weight is 15-16lbs
The engine is CRRC Pro GF 26i
Displacement is 26cc
Weight 2-1/2lbs
RPM range is 1600-9500rpm
Walbro Carburetor
CDI Ignition 4.8V
Gas mixture 25-40:1
Will swing from a 16-8 to 17-10 prop.
2010-02-cessna195-01 2010-02-cessna195-02 2010-02-cessna195-03 2010-02-cessna195-04
2010-02-cessna195-05 2010-02-cessna195-08 2010-02-cessna195-06 2010-02-cessna195-07

Just received word from Jim Goodemote that he has assembled Gary's new Aero Works Extra 206 Quick Build. Jim said "I put it together in two days, so when they say Quick Build, they mean it". "Most of the time was taken
up reshrinking the covering"
Specs: Wing Span 61"
Length 58 1/2"
Weight 6 lbs - 11.5 oz.
Powered by Saito 82 - 4 stroke
2009-09-09-005 2009-09-09-002 2009-09-09-003 2009-09-09-001 2009-09-09-004
This is Gary's Aero Works Yak 54. It has a 60" wingspan, weighs 6 - 6 1/2 lbs., and calls for a 60 - 90 four stroke.  Gary is using a Saito 100 Black Knight four stroke engine.
The plane was built and test flown by Jim Goodemote on Sunday.
It flies really super, goes right where you point it, and it lands like it was on a wire.
A great ARF
dscf1098 dscf1099

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