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Projects by Dick Say
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2 DYM 0010 brushless motors
2 DYE 1004 40amp ESC

This is an original design, but heavily influenced by an early Ken Willard gas ignition free flight
design, he called the "Kavu". I am calling this one the "Hawk".
To give you an idea of the scale, the wingspan will be 42 inches. This is typically how I engineer an
electric powered aircraft.
Here are the specs:
Wingspan.....43.25" Motor.....2408-21
Area.....330 sq." Propeller.....8x4
Weight.....20 ounces Fuel.....LiPoly 11.1V-1500 mAh battery
Wing Loading.....8.75 Oz./sq. ft Power/Weight Ratio.....1 to 1
dicksay_hawk17 dicksay_hawk18 dicksay_hawk19

I designed this little airplane around an old 1/2A "Oriole" wing and stab set. I call it the "Budgie".
Specs are as follows -
Wingspan: 37 1/2 inches
Wing area: 255 sq. inches
Weight RTF: 20.4 ounces
Wing loading: 11.17 oz/sq ft
Motor: TP 2408-21 cheap, reliable,powerful outrunner
Esc: 20 amp
Prop: 8/4 APC - E
Battery: Grayson 3s 11.1V 1500mah Lipo
Thrust: 20 ounces
Thrust/weight ratio: 98% (nearly 1 to 1)
dicksay_1016 dicksay_1017 dicksay_1018

Here's another in Dick's aeronautical armada - a Waco PG-2. The Waco PG-2 was a powered development of the Waco CG-4 Glider troop carrier.
The model is from his plans. He has upgraded it to brushless motors.

The model has a: Wingspan of about 5'
Wing Area about 3 sq. ft.
Weight RTF is 3 lbs.
Motors are 2408-21 and put out 18 oz. of thrust each
dicksaywaco-3448 dicksaywaco-3449 dicksaywaco-3450 dicksaywaco-3451

This creation by Dick is a Cessna 180 in the markings of the Australian Army Air Force as it was in the Vietnam War.

He built this from an old Hobby Helpers plan. Originally it was a 3 channel R,E,T design. He bought a laser cut short kit
for it, but couldn't use most of it. The wing is a complete redesign and incorporates ailerons. It is also 3 channel, but will
be controlled with A,E,T.

The model has a: Wingspan of 42"
Wing Area about 240" sq.
Weight RTF is 24 oz.
Power is a Tower Pro 2409-12 with an 18A ESC.
"Fuel" is a 3s1p 1500 mah lipo pack.
dicksaycessna180_3379 dicksaycessna180_3380 dicksaycessna180_3381 dicksaycessna180_3382

Another plane for Dick's hangar. It's the Alco Sportplane:

The Alco Sportplane is a one/two place lightplane design, Circa 1920. It flew on everything from a single cylinder
motorcycle engine to a 3 cylinder radial.

I built the model right over the plans (at the reduced size) for the full size aircraft. I cracked a couple of frame members
while covering because I squeezed the fuselage too hard!! It hasn't even flown yet and has already been repaired!
The model has a Wingspan of 45 inches
Wing chord is 8.375 inches.
Usable wing area is about 360 square inches.
Weight RTF is 26.2 ounces.
Wing loading is 10-11 ounces per sq. ft.
Motor is a Black Dog EC-28 outrunner.
Prop is a GWS slowflyer 10X4.7
Max thrust is 20 ounces, using 8 cell 2/3A 1500 mah NiMh battery pack
Control is by ailerons, rudder, elevator & throttle
dicksayalco-3318 dicksayalco-3321 dicksayalco-3322 dicksayalco-3323

dicksayvf-01 dicksayvf-02 dicksayvf-03
dicksayvf-04 dicksayvf-05 dicksayvf-06 dicksayvf-07
dicksayvf-08 dicksayvf-09
Another of Dick's projects is his home built vacuum forming
machine. He will be able to
vacuum form canopies, cowls,
etc for his scratch built planes.
The vacuum box sides using tongue & groove joint with brads & glue
1/4" ply bottom attached using brads & glue.
3/16" peg board attached to top with brads & glue.
Materials holder frame joined with lap joints & glued. 1/4" gussets being glued on.
Frame hinged to vacuum box.
Nearly done.
Silicone bead added to top to ensure  vacuum seal. Open position "stop"  being glued to frame. Ply disc was  added to side of box to cover & seal  wrong size hole drilled to accept  shop vac!
Completed unit in open position.  Electric grill will be positioned beneath frame to heat plastic.
"Plugged in"
This is the Thrust Testing Device for electric motors I made using a digital scale from BP Hobbies.  BP has a device that can be
purchased with the scale but, I preferred to make my own.  It will give you the thrust reading for any motor/prop/esc/battery combination in
ounces or grams.  I also use a tachometer to measure RPM and calculate tip speed for each combination.
I have found by experience with a few models using electric power that the ideal power to weight ratio for average sport/scale models
seems to be about 75% of the models weight in thrust.  More thrust is fine but less is not so good.  The thrust tester can tell you if you are
achieving this standard.

This is Dick's Taylor E-2 Cub. It is a BP Hobbies kit, powered by a RC Hot Deals TowerPro 2408-21 outrunner motor with a Fly-20A ESC, using a 1400 mah 2/3A 8 cell NiMH battery pack. The Taylor
E-2 weighs 22 ounces ready to fly - wing span is 45". It is the same setup Dick used on his Lil' Esquire shown below, which worked perfectly.
dicksaye2-2414 dicksaye2-2413 dicksaye2-2415

Lil' Esquire
This is a Wing Mfg kit of a single channel RC model that was popular in
the 60's. Dick's model is controlled with rudder, elevator and throttle.

Wingspan - 40" 320 sq in area
Powered by a RC Hot Deals 2801 outrunner.
dicksay-2322 dicksay-2323

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