AMA Chartered Club #563
Projects by Dewey Barron
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Scale - 2.5" = 12" (1/5th)
Wing span - 86"
Length - 69"
Wing Area - 1481 sq in
Engine - ZDZ-80
Prop - Solo 4 blade
Retracts - Robart
and Jim Goodemote are collaborating
in creating a BearCat F8F from Ziroli plans.
2007-06-22-db-311-dup 2007-06-22-db-318-dup 2007-06-22-0121-dup bearcat-2
bearcat-1 bearcat-3 bearcatpanels bearcatrivets
deweysplane-5 deweysplane-6 dewey-scf0279-485x360 deweysplane-7
deweysplane-1 deweysplane-2 deweysplane-3 deweysplane-4
This is the wing w/panel lines and some of the rivets.
This is a closer shot.  The rivets are put in with a 1/16 copper tube on the end of a soldering iron.
Jim made this fuse stand from 1" PVC and plywood. It has an indexing head so the fuse can be rotated in 15 degree increments.
View of the radio and servo installation.
Jim, hard at work (or play).
Switches and fueling plug are recessed and will be covered with a hatch.
Landing Gear installed, but no air yet.
Engine exhaust on the left of the plane, but you can't see the pipes.
Fitting the tail and tail cone before I glass the fuse.
A shot of the oil cooler in the left wing.
Dewey's latest endeavor is an Advanced Scale Models C130. He has made taxi tests and a couple of short flights in order to get it tuned in. It flies great and Dewey can't wait for good flying weather to return.

Wingspan: 100
Length: 72
Engines: 4 x RCV-58CD
Weight: 15 lbs.
Radio: 6 channels with retracts
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c130-b-dup 2008-09-21-f-dup 2008-09-21-g-dup 2008-10-c130-c-dup
2008-10-c130-d-dup rcv58cd-dup
Click here to view movie of Dewey's C130 first flights
The result of Dewey's winter project is his 35% Yak 54, shown here.  It has a wing span of 107" and is powered by a DLE-111 with a Mejzlik 26x12n 3-blade prop.
He has also installed a video camera in the cockpit.

Dewey with his Yak 54 after two sucessful flights.
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