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Projects by Dave Pratt
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p51-drudderfin p51-dwing1 p51-dwing2 p51-dwing3
These photos show progress Dave is making on his P51-D
100_0660-dup 100_0662-dup 100_0664-dup 100_0666-dup
Above are photos of Dave's Twist 40 ARF. Wing span is 48", weight about 5 lbs. Powered by an OS 45, it is a 3D performer and takes off at half throttle. Dave says it flies very well.
Above are photos of Dave's Chipmunk. It is a Carl Goldberg kit and has a 62" wing span. It is powered by a K&B 61 with the old Perry carb. Weight is about 8 lbs and it has retracts.
Dave says it flies very well at half throttle.
Telemaster on floats
This is the new Goldberg Ultimate 10-300.
It has a 54" wing span, and uses a .60 2 stroke, or 90 - 120 4 stroke engine. "I'm using an
OS .91" 2 stroke, and should weigh 7.5 / 8.5 lbs.
Below, three of the pictures show how I modified the upper wing, losing that danged
rubber band, and replacing it with a 1/8" wooden dowel. I still use the 1/16" wire to
remove the dowel, and there will be a small blind nut, and bolt behind the dowel to keep it
from falling out. I don't have that in the pictures, but it will be there before the first flight.
daveprattultimate-02 daveprattultimate-03 daveprattultimate-01 daveprattultimate-04 daveprattultimate-05
This is the completed Goldberg
Ultimate 10-300. I test flew it
tonight, and all went well.
goldbergultimate10-300a goldbergultimate10-300b

Wingspan: 71"
Weight: 12 lb
Engines: Super Tigre 45
Servos: 12, because it has two servos each for throttle, flaps, ailerons, elevator, rudder and

It appears to be a very good ARF, I hope it flies as good as it looks.
Dave has been busy this building season
His latest project is this Cessna 421C ARF by Nitro Models
daveprattcessna421c-2 daveprattcessna421c-1 daveprattcessna421c-3

Another of Dave's projects is this Model Tech Joss Stick
This kit is actually approximately ten years old. I bought it from Tad Manske last fall to replace the old and beaten Big Stik.

Wingspan: 67 1/4"
Weight: 9 1/2 lb
Engines: Saito 125 4 stroke

I used Black Baron low heat covering because the wing has a foam core. I did it out in a "Polish" camo (tounge in cheek)
daveprattjossstik-1 daveprattjossstik-3 daveprattjossstik-2

Dave's previous project was this Ultimate 120 ARF
Wingspan: 55"
Wing Area: 1023 sq in
Wing Loading: 19.7 oz/sq ft
Fuselage Length: 59.5"
Weight: 8 lb,12 oz
Engine: Saito 125, it will turn a 14-8 prop.
daveprattultimate1 daveprattultimate2 daveprattultimate3 daveprattultimate4

Another of Dave's previous projects is this 1/5th scale Stinson Reliant SR-9
Wingspan: 100.5"
Wing Area: 1487 sq in
Wing Loading: 24.8-38.7 oz/sq ft
Fuselage Length: 37.8"
Weight: 16-25 lb - I'm hoping to keep the weight down to 19 lbs
Airfoil: High-Wing (Gull Style) - Clark Y at the root, Selig 8036 at the tips
Engine: SuperTigre 2000/25, it will turn an 18-8 prop.
daveprattreliantframedup daveprattreliantframedup1 daveprattreliantfuse daveprattreliantwing1 daveprattreliantelevrudder
Here are some pictures of my resurrection of a Dumas Swamp Buggy I built 29 years ago
for my son David.  At the time I had no idea how to fiberglass the hull, so it only lasted 3
years, and the hull started taking on water.  I have since glassed the hull and made some
minor repairs, found a used K&B 61, and here is the result.
dumasswampbuggy-332 dumasswampbuggy-333 dumasswampbuggy-334

Here are some photos of another of Dave's projects
a Top Flite P-47D Thunderbolt
Wingspan: 85"
Fuselage length: 75 1/2"
Wing area: 1327 sq in
Weight: 24 lbs
Dave made a very
successful first flight of
his P-47D Thunderbolt.

Congratulations Dave!
daveprattp47done1 daveprattp47done4 daveprattp47done daveprattp47tailfeathers
daveprattp47bombdroptank daveprattp47g62b daveprattp47g62 daveprattp47-0
daveprattp47-1 daveprattp47-2 daveprattp47wing3 daveprattp47wing1
p47tailwheelclosed p47tailwheelopen p47-0235 p47-0234
blue p47-1 p47-2

Dave has rebuilt his Katana fuselage using 1/8 light ply. It
is covered with Coverite and dope. Powered with a Tower
Hobbies .61, it weighs in at 6 lbs (it weighed 5 lbs prior to
prattkatana1 prattkatana3 prattkatana2 prattkatanapreflight1
blue prattkatanapreflight2 prattkatanapreflight

Dave Pratt submitted photos of his Bellanca Decathlon 1/4 scale. It will be powered by a
SuperTigre 2500 turning a 18x8 prop. Right side door and left side window are functional.
Wingspan is 97". Just need to install the windshield and Dave will begin covering with
Coverite and dope.
decathlon1 decathlon3 decathlon4 decathlon5

decathlon-5-11-1 decathlon-5-11-2 decathlon-5-11-3 decathlon-5-11-4
Above are pictures of Dave's completed Decathlon. It weighs 16 lbs, is covered with
Coverite iron-on fabric, and painted with Sig dope. Power is provided by a SuperTigre
2000/25cc glow. Servos are standard 1/4 scale servos with a 1200 mah battery pack.
Photos below are of Dave's twin Comanche.
Dave built it from a kit that has been setting around for twelve years.
Power is provided by two .45 - 2cycle glow engines. It has mechanical retracts.

Thanks Dave
twncomanche2resize twncomanche4resize twncomanche5 twin_comanche_2-322x244