AMA Chartered Club #563
Comments by Dick Say:

With Clark & I as the new co-chairs of the Geotex committee, I called a work party together for August 17th and we marked out and sprayed the area where the Geotex is going to be laid out.
All the guys who were actually working are represented in the photos. They did a marvelous job. Great camaraderie, wonderful accomplishment, terrific cooperation and good cheer among all.
I did very little actual physical work because of my infirmities. Sylvia & I brought burgers, dogs, & cookies, and fed the crew when they were done working. We broke bread and socialized together. As usual, I talked too much (:
I think this is a noteworthy day in the history of the club in terms of how far electrics have made an inroad in a few short years and that we as a club are adapting to that.
Photos submitted by
Dick Say, Bob Brown & Bob Bush
A second work party was formed to bring the geotex from Bradford to the STARS field, where it was stored until it could be installed.
As a result of the third work party, the geotex runway was installed on Sunday, September 22, 2013.  Fifteen members were able to participate in the work party.  The installation took from 10:30m AM to 3:30 PM including a pleasant break for lunch.
Everyone contributed what effort they were able.   We were lucky to have younger members interspersed with the old timers.  The work was done cheerfully and with great camaraderie.
Once again STARS is on the leading edge of changes that take place in the hobby.  A club is only as vibrant as its membership and today's STARS members ensure a continuing tradition of excellence.
Photos taken at
Geotex Work Parties
Aug 17 and Sep 22, 2013
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