AMA Chartered Club #563
Photos taken at Joe Noll
May 2010
On Friday morning, Bob Brown, Dave Mathewson and I got to the Pond before 8:00 A.M. and I got the first flight off the water that day. The Polaris' fly.
The main Show Center flight line has to be seen to be believed. Just outstanding aircraft from WWI to the current Jet Age. I have attached photos of some of this. There was a very large B-29 that had four DA-100's & 4 blade props. There was an outstanding B-36 with six G-26's. There was even a giant "Flying Boxcar". Kip Karn found the super giant Super Bee interesting as it is about 10 times bigger than the one he had.

Joe Nall is a 12 hour drive to Woodruff, SC. Once you are there, you realize that in our little corner of the world, we don't see and can't appreciate what is really happening in model aviation. You have to get outside of our area to expand your mind. This is the Mecca of R/C Model meets. Ya gotta go!
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