AMA Chartered Club #563
William T. Piper Memorial Airport
Lock Haven, PA
Aug 3-5, 2007
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dsc_0276 dsc_0279 dsc_0284 dsc_0291
dsc_0350 dsc_0294 dsc_0470 dsc_0471
dsc_0283 dsc_0298 dsc_0295 dsc_0286
dsc_0293 dsc_0322 dsc_0302 dsc_0361
dsc_0344 dsc_0567 dsc_0363 dsc_0404
dsc_0374 dsc_0390 dsc_0495 dsc_0465
dsc_0466 dsc_0511 dsc_0489 dsc_0539
dsc_0569 dsc_0570 dsc_0576

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