AMA Chartered Club #563
Aug  30, 2009
0827091631 dsc00776 dsc00784 dsc00785 dsc00790
dsc00803 dsc00804 dsc00807 dsc00809 dsc00817
dsc00823 dsc00824 dsc00826 handlaunch cessna
cessna2 flybaby1 flybaby2 img_1885 stearman
shuttle spacewalker stick1 t6 tcraft
yak2 ds-001 ds-002 ds-003 ds-004
ds-005 ds-007 ds-008 ds-009 ds-010
ds-012 ds-013 ds-018 ds-019 ds-015
ds-022 ds-025 ds-026 ds-024 ds-016
ds-021 ds-023 ds-028 ds-029 ds-020
ds-032 ds-033 ds-036 ds-037 ds-027
ds-034 ds-035 ds-017 ds-011 ds-030
ds-031 ds-038 ds-039 ds-006

Thanks to the following for contributing photos
Ron Griswold
Vo Decker
Richard Say
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