AMA Chartered Club #563
Aug  27, 2006
The lack of photos of airplanes this year is due to the steady rain we
had that day.  Any additional photo contributions will be appreciated.
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2006-08-bobbrownaward 2006-08-bobbrownaward-1 000_1149 000_1151 000_1152
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p1010150 p1010151 p1010152 p1010154 p1010155
p1010156 p1010156-a 000_1145 000_1153 000_1141
000_1142 000_1143 000_1140 p1010144 p1010158
p1010157 p1010171 p1010067 p1010066 p1010072
p1010071 p1010070 p1010069 000_1147 000_1148
000_1146 p1010159 p1010160 p1010163 p1010164
p1010165 p1010174 p1010177 p1010166 p1010167
p1010175 p1010172 p1010173 p1010178 p1010179
p1010176 p1010168