AMA Chartered Club #563
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Get your AMA license.
Membership in the Academy of Model Aeronautics AMA is mandatory.  The benefits of AMA membership are that you will be covered by flight liability insurance, and you will receive a great monthly magazine.  It’s a good way to familiarize yourself with the hobby and the AMA rules.  Once you see the rules you will realize that they are simply common sense safety-oriented requirements.  This is a great hobby and no one wants to get hurt.  You can view or download the AMA Model Aircraft Safety code from the AMA site by clicking here.

You can join the AMA on-line by visiting their web site (click here).  Dues are $75 per year for full membership ($65 if 65 or older).  You can get detailed information by clicking here.

Join the club.
Come to a meeting and fill out the paperwork.  You will need your AMA license and yearly dues.  STARS dues are $55 per year. If you would like to fill out an application and bring it with you to the meeting, you can view the STARS membership application by clicking here. 
Meeting dates and locations are listed on the “Calendar of Events” page.
All STARS members are required to support club activities, especially the annual STARS Rally and the annual STARS Openhouse, to the best of their ability.

New to Radio Control?

We would like to make your first venture into our hobby as pleasant as possible.  We have club members who qualify as Instructors, and are available to let you try to fly a trainer airplane at the field before you invest any time or money.  In most cases the Instructor will be able to help you fly with a buddy-box system.  This is an arrangement where you and the Instructor each have a transmitter that is connected via a buddy cord.  If you are flying and get into a little trouble controlling the flight, the pilot can take over at the flick of a switch and help you avert disaster.  This system has saved many planes and helped novice pilots progress more rapidly.

If you desire to take a test flight with one of our instructors, please call one of the Instructors listed below, and arrange a time convenient to both of you.  Names below are listed in alphabetic order.

                                              INSTRUCTOR         PHONE NUMBER
Chief Instructor                      James Keough           716-397-0204
                                               Randy Bittinger           814-368-7528
                                               Gary Fitch                   716-676-2498
                                               Fred Fowler                716-373-4875
                                               Clark Follett                716-373-1255

              James Keough          716-397-0204
              Matt Kloss                  814-465-9523
              Walt Hibbard              585-968-0027
              Clark Follett                716-373-1255

Flying Etiquette

“Flying Etiquette” is simply common courtesy for your fellow flyer and the field you are flying in.  The flying field is owned and maintained by the STARS club and it’s members.  Members of the STARS club are authorized to fly certain model aircraft, provided they are current members of the Academy of Model Aeronautics and the Southern Tier Aero Radio Society STARS.  Non-members and guests may fly only if accompanied by a STARS member.  Permitted models include radio controlled electric, glow and gas powered airplanes, gliders
and helicopters.
You can review the STARS Safety Rules by clicking here.