AMA Chartered Club #563
AMA Awards STARS the
National Aeromodeling Historic Landmark Award
August 28, 2005
AMA Executive Director and District II VP presented the STARS with the highest honor bestowed by the AMA. This is only the second time in AMA history that this honor has been presented.

Today it is difficult to imagine what STARS members Jim Messer, Bill Messer, Bob Dunn, Bob Brown, Charlie Nellis, Lou Eltscher, and deceased members Ken Koeppel, George Privateer and George Clapp accomplished. During the 1970's, they spent several years and many trials in their development of a flyable 1/4 scale Bristol Scout. This was a significant task because there were no kits, engines, wheels, cowls, or propellers for Giant Scale aircraft at that time. A total of six Bristol Scouts made up the first squadron of 1/4 scale models shown anywhere.

The STARS members traveled to numerous flying events in the US and Canada, showing off their "huge" aircraft and flying in formation. National fame came when they flew in formation at the Rhinebeck Jamboree in 1977 and 1978, where they were voted "best of show".

Their Bristol Scouts were featured on the cover of Radio Control Speed & Sport magazine, and a construction article was published in Model Airplane News. All the RC magazines featured the STARS and their Bristol Scouts in one way or another, and the idea of building big rapidly became a worldwide craze.
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